Pressure Washing

Residential Pressure Washing Services

For a relatively small investment, our pressure washing services can help increase the property value of any home.
We provide:

  • House Washing (Vinyl or Aluminum Siding, Painted Surfaces, Brick, You Name It!)
  • Concrete, Paver & Stone Washing (Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, Pool Decks, Garages)
  • Exterior Mildew and Algae Cleaning
  • Exterior Wood Restoration and Sealing– siding, decks and docks

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Why Use a Professional?

Before you borrow your neighbor’s pressure washer, buy one of your own or hire someone to clean and preserve your exterior wood, consider the following:

1. Exterior Wood Cleaning and Sealing

Many homeowners, even those who own a power washer, wisely opt to retain the services of a professional when it comes to cleaning their decks, fences, gazebos and siding for several reasons:

  • The deck surface must be properly prepped with the right strength of specialized cleaners – too weak and the cleaning will not be as effective; too strong and the wood will be harmed
  • Without the right experience and equipment familiarity it’s very easy to chew up a deck with a pressure washer. Using the proper pressure setting is a must with wood
  • Properly preparing and washing a deck can be a time consuming, messy process that doesn’t end with cleaning. Buffing, sanding and tightening loose fasteners are some of the prep items that need to be completed after the wood has dried
  • Choosing and applying the proper sealers for each wood species, age and exposure to the elements takes an experienced wood professional

2. House Washing

A professional company, like Southern Custom Painting, will take the time and will have the experience necessary to make sure your foliage and exterior fixtures are not harmed during the cleaning process.

  • Detergents and mildewcides are used at strengths specific to your type of siding and type of dirt
  • Pre–wetting and rinsing of all surfaces (including plants and grass) is a very important part of our process
  • Pressure settings are adjusted to clean your siding without damage

3. Garage Floor Cleaning

  • Gas powered pressure washers emit odorless and lethal carbon monoxide gas. Many smaller power washers do not come equipped with the proper hoses to allow the unit to be placed outside while using the wand inside
  • The types of stains and dirt on many garage floors require the use of heavy–duty, industrial strength degreasers

Myrtle Beach Painting Company

Southern Custom Painting is a Myrtle Beach painting company that handles both commercial and residential painting. Southern Custom is a Service Disabled Veteran owned business in South Carolina that offers interior painting, exterior painting, drywall repair, pressure washing, flooring services, acoustical ceilings and general construction. Southern Custom Painting has been servicing the Grand Strand area for over 20 years.